Kazan, the city having rich historical and cultural heritage, traditions and long history, celebrated its 1000th anniversary in 2005.

It is one of the major economic, political, scientific, industrial, sports and cultural centers of Russia:

  • More than 150 industrial enterprises working in the field of mechanical engineering, chemical, petrochemical, light and food industries;
  • 9 theaters and 34 state museums;
  • 44 higher education institutions.


Kazan is the healthcare center that is based on the traditions of the Kazan medical school. The city has:

  • 120 medical institutions.


Kazan medical school


Kazan medical scientific school development started with the opening of Kazan University Medical School which later became recognized alma mater for national medical staff of the Volga region.

The name of the Kazan medical school is associated with well-known Gruzdev, Mislavsky, Bekhterev, Vishnevsky, Medvedev brothers schools.


1890s - First neurosurgical operations in Kazan.

1960s - The first cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass was performed in the 3rd and then the 6th city hospitals.




History of ICDC

1969 - The decision of the executive committee of the city council No 176 "On allotting to Capital construction management a land plot for the construction of a hospital with 600 beds." 

1987 - Start of construction. Total floor area – 78 266 sqm.

1999 - The completion of diagnosis departments building (units G, D, V). Total floor area – 14 799 sqm. 

2004 - The completion of therapeutic departments building (unit E). Total floor area – 6 272 sqm.

2004 - Regulation of Cabinet of Ministers in the Republic of Tatarstan No 1415 р on the design optimization to meet modern standards and closed technological cycle.

December, 30, 2004 - State Expertise approval for reconstruction and upgrading the facilities of ICDC. Total floor area of renewed project 60,080 sqm. 

July, 27, 2006 - Commissioning the surgery complex and administrative room (units A, B, K, emergency rooms, utility rooms)

2010 - Kazan cardiology health center was merged in ICDC. Diagnostic center was organized (Order of Ministry of Health Care of the Republic of Tatarstan of 04.10.2010 No1247)

2012 - Reconstruction and formal opening of the Head vascular center of the Republic of Tatarstan based on ICDC.