Our mission

Our mission is to preserve your health. 


We do our work:

  • fast;
  • accurately;
  • jointly.


Our values:

  • team work;
  • sense of mission.


We aim at being among the best health care institutions of the country, not only due to our clinical work, but also services delivered to our patients. Our major priority is service quality. It applies to diagnosis and treatment as well as to patient care, quality of food, keeping the wards clean and comfortable.

Given this goal, we have developed activity management system in the center, based on the defining the scope of activities and results for each direction and aligning the activities on business processes.

Quality of care

In order to create and implement the unified strategy for continuous improvement of health care and medical services quality, agreed upon with federal and international quality assurance standards we also adopted the Quality Monitoring Program for ICDC in 2005 -2007, appointed permanent Quality Assessment Committee for clinical quality expert work.




New safety standards for patients and staff, minimizing the risk of surgical complications represent the result of engineering solutions implemented by installing laminar air flow sterilizers and special surgical light system of Swiss firm ADMECO preserving sterile air flow over the operating table in the surgery units.

22 air conditioners and 6 medical chillers supply each of the 11 operating rooms and wards with repeatedly purified air of optimal temperature.


Patient care


We implemented the methodology for complex patient management which allows nurses to increase responsibility for the work performed, to improve their professional standards, implement an individual approach to each patient.


Service department


Instead of the standard scheme, in which cleaning is carried out by medical attendants of departments, we organized a separate structural unit – the Service department that is aimed at keeping the buildings and the territory of ICDC clean.


Nutritional care


Based on 15 kinds of traditional dietary menus clinical nutrition, individual diet adjustment are essential components of recovery complementing standard treatment.

Taking care of our patients we create entirely new opportunities for our own professional development, stability and prosperity of the center.