Concierge service provides information and services for creating comfortable conditions in the center, ensuring the timeliness, quality and confidentiality of services provided.
Tel. 291-11-27
Individual nurse post
Concierge service provides individual nurses to provide care for the patient, within treatment or at home.
Transport services  
Concierge service provides transportation services on civil / ambulance cars/ truck (long distance travel)
Calling a taxi
Payment for services 
Concierge service provides the facilities to pay for mobile telephone, cable TV and Internet.
Secretarial services
Concierge service carries out paper documents processing (photocopying / printing documents, scanning and sending by e-mail).
Booking services
Information about hotels and prices in the necessary region. Booking the rooms - on request.
Information about flights, rail runs, buses on the necessary direction and the prices. Reservations and payment for required ticket are done on behalf and at the expense of the Client.
Information and table reservation in necessary restaurant / café.
Sports/ cultural events
Providing information about the date, time and venue of sports / cultural events, information about the price and tickets availability, addresses / phones of cashdesks; purchasing the tickets – on Client's request.
Recreation facilities
Information about sports clubs, beauty shops, travel tours - price, terms, time and venue. On request of the Client organization visit the selected location. Organization of a visit to a chosen place – on the Client’s request. 
Movie premieres and showtimes 
Information about the date, time and place of movie showtimes. Reservation of required number of tickets for the selected time is done on Client's request.
Delivery service
Medication delivery service
Arranging the medication, medical equipment and materials necessary for the treatment delivery to the Customer that cannot be purchased in the center. All payments for medicines, medical equipment and materials are provided by the Client.
Canteen and Esperance café products delivery
Courier delivery
Documents and belongings delivery for address given. 
Rental services
Electronics and other equipment
Folding bed, bedding, hairdryer and laptop for rent.
Concierge service has the right to refuse to comply with the requests that are illegal, can harm or cause emotional distress to third parties or adversely affect the image of the service.