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Oleg Dmitryev – Head of the department, radiologist, MD, PhD. Murat Ibatullin - Chief radiologist, Honoured doctor of the Republic of Tatarstan, MD, D.Sc, professor in Russian Academy of Natural History, professor in the department of neurology and neurosurgery in Kazan medical university, member of Association of Neurosurgeons of Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan.


History of the department:

  • In 1999, installation of CT and MR imagers. General Electric Spiral CT scan (USA) started work in the end of the year.
  • In 2000, General Electric magnetic resonance imaging scan (USA) with magnetic field intensity of 1 Tesla.
  • Today the department has two CT-scanners – the first is Signa, Ct/I General Electric, the second is 64-spiral, Aquillion-64, Toshiba; and General Electric magnetic resonance imaging scan Signa HDXt, 1.5 Tesla. The rooms are equipped with special workstations for postprocessing of investigation results, the facilities to record the results on laser disks and the laser cameras for dry developing X-ray film.


The staff of the department consists of 17 members: 6 doctors and 7 radiographers, and nurses. There are one MD, D.Sc, professor (chief radiologist), and 3 MD, PhDs among the doctors.

Principal activities of the department. The radiodiagnostics department provides diagnostic inpatient and outpatient care to patients of ICDC. Screening (overview) and in-depth tomographic investigations are carried out by using standard and specialized techniques, including using intravenously administered contrast agents. Specialized techniques include scans of heart, great and minute vessels (angiography and perfusion), investigations of brain pathways (tractography), brain metabolism imaging (spectroscopy), pathways of cerebrospinal fluid of central nervous system, fetus and pelvic measurements in pregnant women (pelvimetry). This CT and MRI techniques are used for diagnostics of acute and chronic strokes, tumors and other focal central nervous system diseases, various cardiovascular, lung, abdominal cavity organs, small pelvis, bone and joint diseases. The main areas of research in the department are diagnosis of organic and functional changes in acute stroke, heart attack, great vessels thrombosis, tumors, inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the central nervous system, joints pathologies and various pathologies of pregnancy. Our doctors have years of experience in this field, having repeatedly trained in the leading Russian and international clinics.


Over 9000 MRI and over 9000 CT are carried out in 2012.


Structure of MRI investigations done in 2012:


brain 79,3%
Cervical spine 4,9%
Thoracic spine 3,2%
Lumbar spine 10,4%
Abdominal cavity organs 0,5%
Joints 0,8%
Heart 0,8%

Structure of CT investigations done in 2012:


Brain and viscerocranium 42,3%
Cerebral vessels 5,6%
Neck vessels 2,7%
Thoracic organs and vessels 11,1%
MSCT coronary angiography 24,8%
Abdominal cavity organs 9,1%
Spinal cord 3,5%
Lower limb vessels 0,57%
Bones 0,5%


Murat Ibatullin won the first prize in the category Doctor of the Year in Ak Chechekler 2011 contest


Within the past 5 years, staff of the department published 38 articles in Russian and foreign issues, made 18 reports on Russian international medical conferences. The department carries out training courses in visualization methods for students and physicians at the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery of Kazan medical university and department of radiodiagnostics in Kazan medical academy.