ICDC is a high-tech medical center specialised in providing health care to the patients with vascular pathologies of heart, brain, and the great and peripheral vascular diseases.

Annually more than 125 thousand patients undergo the examination and receive treatment. 5000 operations, 2.5 thousand cardiovascular surgeries, more than 900 procedures on brain and spinal cord, 700 abdominal operations are performed in the center every year.

Since 2011, ICDC experts have performed heart transplant operations for the first time in the Republic of Tatarstan. Amount of surgical interventions consists of 80% selective and 20% urgent procedures.

High-tech health care is provided to the patients with myocardial infarction and acute stroke, treatment outcomes being comparable to the best world indicators in such pathologies. Head vascular center of the Republic of Tatarstan is situated in ICDC houses. The outpatient department was merged in ICDC to provide cardiological care to Kazan citizens.  

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