01.jpgRustem Zimagulov – Head of the department, MD, PhD.  
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Lev Slavin – chief surgeon, MD, D.Sc, professor. Aleksey Podshivalov - surgeon. Savr Sangadzhiyev - surgeon, MD, PhD. Aynur Zamaleyev - surgeon, MD, PhD. Rustem Yakhin - surgeon. 

Rustem Zimagulov- Head of the department, MD, PhD.
Professor Lev Slavin – Chief specialist in abdominal surgery, MD, D.Sc.
7 doctors, 8 nurses work in the department, among them 1 MD, D.Sc, professor, and 4 MD, D.Scs.

Aleksey Podshivalov– surgeon.
Savr Sangadzhiyev– surgeon, MD, PhD.
Aynur Zamaleyev– surgeon, MD, PhD.
Askar Yakupov– surgeon, MD, PhD.
Rustem Yakhin– surgeon.

We focus at:

1. Hepatobiliary system surgery

  • Benign liver and extrahepatic biliary tract neoplasms, cholelithiasis, portal hypertension syndrome
  • Vascular bypass surgeries for portal hypertension
  • Open and laparoscopic hepatoectomies.
  • Open and laparoscopic cholecystectomies and choledocholithotomies, which include laparoscopic cholecystectomies with one approach (SILS-technique).
  • Pancreatectomies, cysto-digestive fistulization.
  • Gastrectomies.

2. Endocrine surgery

  • Thyroid and parathyroid gland diseases, adrenal neoplasms
  • Thyroid and parathyroid operations, among them video-assisted.

3. Herniology

  • Incisional ventral, inguinal, umbilical and femoral hernias, hiatus hernias
  • Open and laparoscopic herniatomies.

4. Emergency surgery

  • Traumas and acute inflammatory diseases of abdomen and retroperitoneal space, chest injuries, tracheostomy
  • All types of emergency operations.


Operations in bile ducts disorders, endoscopic esophageal and gastric bleeding eradication at portal hypertension, as well as at gastrointestinal bleeding caused by ulcer are performed together with the endoscopic department.
Diagnostic and therapeutic angiographies at benign space-occupying masses of liver, portal hypertension are done together with the interventional radiology department.

The doctors of the abdominal surgery department took the training course on Portal hypertension program at workplace in Russian Scientific Center of Surgery BV Petrovsky (Moscow) in 2007, were awarded in 6th World Congress of International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association with the certificates in 2008, and are full members of Association of Surgeons – Hepatologists of Russia.

The research work is carried on in the department constantly. 50 research papers of the staff were published in the leading Russian surgery journals.

The department of endoscopy, general and endoscopic surgery of Kazan medical university carries out the courses of continuous education for doctors:

  1. Retraining program in Endoscopy.
  2. General refresher course in Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy
  3. General refresher course in Diagnostic and endoscopic surgery
  4. Topical refresher course in Plastic surgery, basic principles of cosmetic surgery.

In 2013, the staff of the abdominal surgery department of ICDC were awarded the winner and the laureate within the All-Russian contest "100 best goods of Russia for their developing and implementing techniques of surgical treatment of patients with endocrinological diseases into clinical practice.

Пресса об отделении:

Специалисты центра в сюжете передачи «Среда обитания» телекомпании ТНВ // Научно-популярный журнал «Вестник» - 28 мая 2014 года.

Специалисты хирургического отделения МКДЦ стали лауреатами Всероссийского конкурса качества // Научно-популярный журнал «Вестник» - 1 августа 2013 года.