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Albert Valiullin, Head of anesthesiology and critical care department-1 Roman Shpaner, head of anesthesiology and critical care department-3, MD, PhD.


The staff of the department consists of 9 doctors.


The department has 30 beds designed for post-operation management of the patients who underwent major surgical procedures. The department is equipped with modern control system, breathing and medical diagnostic equipment. Twenty-four hour service ensures the due care and follow-up of the patients. Laboratory tests and instrumental examinations can be done around the clock.

The anesthesiology and critical care has its “affiliates” in all 11 operating rooms where various surgeries are performed and corresponding anesthesia is administered. We have the unified monitoring system that works in accordance with the international standards for anesthesiology which includes the indexes of vital organs functions. General and local anesthesia methods are implemented in the departments.

The staff of the department plans to carry out the research work, and do residency training, considering the lack of anesthetist/critical care specialists.