Olesya Borisenko - Head of the department, physiotherapist, MD, PhD.

History of the department

In 1999, the physical therapy department was created. It was headed by M. Podolskaya, MD, PhD, Assistant professor of department of sports recreation therapy of Kazan medical academy. The preventive and curative activities such as massage, physical therapy, are held in the department for the staff of ICDC.

Since 2004, the department entirely changed its vision. It was caused by intended high-tech medical care delivery in surgical departments and change of departments’ profile. The underwater traction, hydrotherapy, paraffin ozokerite therapy rooms were reconstructed. In 2005, new methods of rehabilitation for patients of cardiology and neurology departments were implemented. Effective rehabilitation massage techniques were developed in the department. The special corrective therapeutic equipment allowed extending the functions and capacity of the department. The surgical block that was opened in 2006, increased the need for procedures carried out in the department.

Facilities of the department:

·         physical therapy room equipped for cardiovascular and respiratory systems training;

·         physiotherapy room with almost all types of instrumental physiotherapy;

·         massage rooms (therapeutic and segment-reflex massages);

·         reflexology room (classical approach for treatment is accompanied with conventional medicine approaches).

The staff of the department is involved in preoperative stage: teach the patients the rehabilitative measures, provide trainings in prevention of complications after diseases or operations, and give recommendations.

Number of cases and patient categories:

8315 patients were treated in 2012:

·         physiotherapy – 3961

·         kinesitherapy – 1800

·         massage – 1688

·         reflexology – 866

84163 procedures were carried out in 2012:

·         45054 physiotherapies

·         14667 massage sessions

·         12566 kinesitherapies

·         11876 reflexotherapies


Exclusive facilities of the department:

Portable physiotherapeutic equipment offers the possibility to carry out in the wards the following procedures:

·         atmiatrics;

·         aroma-phytotherapy;

·         magnetotherapy;

·         electrotherapeutics;

·         electrical stimulation;

·         light therapy.


Staff of the department:

·         Olga Borisenko – head of the department, MD, PhD;

·         Nailya Krutikova – physical therapist;

·         Nailya Vazetdinova – reflexologist;

·         Alfiya Gazizova – physical therapist;

·         Farida Fatkullina – reflexologist, neurologist;

·         Enver Valyaev – rehabilitation physician;


Research work in the department

Physiotherapy department is constantly improving the quality of care through the development of its own diagnostic and treatment protocols, studying and implementing the modern science-based approaches in the department work. Branch staff carries on educational activities, for example, Su Jok therapy seminar was held in March 2014 in the library of ICDC.