01.jpgHead of the department –Natalya Stekolshchkova

The department focuses on treatment of the patients with acute myocardial infarction and unstable angina.

The department has the intensive care ward that is designed for 12 patients, the probationary ward, and the critical care room with radiography equipment used when fixing artificial pacemakers in the case of heart rhythm or cardial conduction disorders. The department has the angiography suite for coronary catheterizations and stenting.

Ambulance delivers the patients around the clock directly to the exam room of the cardiac intensive care unit. This allows making a diagnosis and starting the treatment within a few minutes. Every patient is under continuous monitoring of the vital signs. Their readings are doubled at the central post, the patients’ condition is monitored more effectively.

The central patient care post is well thought out and is designed taking the up-to-date requirements into account. All the necessary tests are put on and its results are obtained through the computer network access. The modern air ventilation system creates the favourable climate in wards.

The staff of the department is able to appraise the state of the vital organs and systems with the help of modern equipment. The biochemical laboratory is at the doctors’ disposal around the clock. Many indicators necessary for making an accurate diagnosis are found fast and accurately there.