Interregional Clinic and Diagnostic Center is a high-technology medical institution that follows best traditions and long-term experience of the Kazan Medical School.


Our mission is to “Maintain Health and Give Hope”




Cardiovascular system   Central and peripheral nervous systems
Abdominal cavity organs   Endocrine systems





  • Health to healthy persons (prevention and screenings)
  • Improving quality of life (outpatient and inpatient care)
  • Life saving (emergency care)




1969 г. the Resolution No.176 by the Executive Committee of City Council on “The Allotment of Capital Construction Management of a Land Plot for Constructing a Hospital for 600 Beds”. An initial project was created based on a typical project of 1960s “2с-05-34”.


1987 г. a launch of construction. The total floor area was 78, 266 sqm.


1999 г. a completion of diagnostic departments of ICDC (units G, D, V). The total floor area was 14,799 sqm.


2004 г. a completion of a therapeutic E unit. The total floor area was 6,272 sqm.


2004 г. the Order No.1415 r by the Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers on the project optimization to meet current requirements and technological cycle closure.


30 декабря 2004 г. Glavgosexpertiza of Russia (State expert appraisal of design documentation and (or) engineering survey results) for reconstructing, retrofitting and upgrading facilities of ICDC. The total floor area of a renewed project was 60,080 sqm.


27 июля 2006 г. commissioning a surgical unit and administrative facilities (units: A, B, K, paramedical services and utility rooms)


2010 г. joining GUZ Kazan Cardiological Dispensary to ICDC and organizing a Consultative and Diagnostic Outpatient Clinic (the Order No.1247 by the Tatarstan Ministry of Health dated 4 October 2010)


2012 г. a reconstruction and official opening ceremony of the Tatarstan Head Vascular Center in ICDC

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