What is a CMI?


Compulsory Medical Insurance is a component of state insurance that should ensure equal opportunities for citizens of the country in receiving medical care. The conditions of providing medical care are specified in special programs.



Who should have a CMI policy?


The following persons must have a policy under the Russian legislation: all citizens of the country; foreigners who are temporarily or permanently residing in Russia; stateless persons; and those who have a right to receive medical care under the law “On Refugees”. Highly qualified stateless experts and their family members are freed from this obligation. This is regulated by the Law “On the Legal Status of Foreigners in the Russian Federation”.


The document’s validity period for citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as for foreign stateless persons permanently residing in the country, has no time limits. Those who have a right to receive medical care under the law “On Refugees” get the document for the duration of their stay. Time limits are set out in the relevant appendixes. Persons who are temporarily residing in the country may receive Compulsory Medical Insurance for the registration period.



What does an CMI policy give?

  • choice of medical organization;
  • free medicines and medical care in a guaranteed amount upon an insured event;
  • opportunity of receiving full information about the types and volumes of services;
  • protection of interests and rights;
  • opportunity of compensating for damage caused to health by medical care;
  • choice of a medical insurance institution;
  • provision of medical care out of turn (to certain categories of citizens);
  • choice of a doctor (family doctor and a treating doctor)

The following medical care is provided free of charge from the accumulated funds:

  • emergency medical care (except air ambulance evacuation).
  • specialized care.
  • preventive care and primary health care.
  • medical care for diseases being a part of the basic program.


In addition to accumulated funds, the system of social guarantees functions at the expense of the budgets of Russian regions. The following medical care is provided free of charge:

  • palliative care.
  • care for all diseases under the CMI program.
  • high-technology medical care.
  • specialized emergency care.
  • care at conditions and diseases that are off the list, such as tuberculosis, mental disorder, drug addiction, etc.



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